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About Leslie

Pittsburgh Professional Organizer Leslie McKee

Mt. Lebanon based Certified Professional Organizer and Coach: “With order comes peace of mind.”

Certified Professional Organizer and Coach Leslie McKeeNative “Pittsburgher” Leslie McKee has been organizing professionally since June of 2000. She is an established leader in her industry both locally and nationally. As a Certified Professional Organizer and Coach she  specializes in residential and home office organizing, Leslie has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and local media and has been a frequent guest on KDKA-TV‘s morning show.

Leslie teaches you how to stay organized

Leslie’s career as a teacher has prepared her well for her career as an organizer. Her experience allows her to quickly assess needs and teach clients how best to use systems to handle the “stuff” in their lives more effectively. With a positive, nonjudgmental attitude and a sense of humor, she tackles projects systematically and efficiently.

Leslie helps streamline the process, keeping You focused on the task at hand

Because she can look at the problem objectively with less emotional attachment, she helps streamline the process, keeping her clients focused on the task at hand rather than being pulled away to the many “mini-tasks” they find as they go. Once a system is in place, Leslie often extends her services to maintain these systems to aid clients in keeping order in their lives and businesses.

With order comes peace of mind. Clients tell Leslie that’s ultimately what she has brought to their lives. Nothing could make her happier.

Our Philosophy:

Organization does not mean perfection. But becoming organized does mean you can function more effectively in less time, with less stress.

“Let’s face it: living an unorganized life takes time and energy. We live in a cluttered society, bombarded daily with ad messages screaming for our attention and junk mail delivered to our doors. It’s no wonder people lose themselves in the process. When you start to place more value on your time, you realize more “stuff” doesn’t bring more fulfillment. You also see more clearly how the stuff creates an unnecessary burden.”
“By stripping ourselves of unnecessary stuff, we live a more authentic life.”
“Order and management brings this kind of clarity. We want to support people who are on this journey by providing not only the necessary resources and skills but also the comfort and hope that are often needed along the way.”

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