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Meet Our Team

The McKee Organizing Services’ Team

Professional Organizing Experts and Personal Assistants make it happen

We want to acknowledge the people who support everything we do! If you are a current client, you already know what these folks bring to the table. If you are a new client, don’t be surprised when you see one of these faces in your future!


Cindy Conner, Professional Organizer and Team Leader

Cindy is the backbone of McKee Organizing Services. She has been working shoulder to shoulder with Leslie since the very first day. Not only is she the “organizing savant,” she can make every space look like a catalog. Clients rave about Cindy’s eye for design, positive attitude and ability to find a home for anything!


Maria Welshons, Professional Organizer and Team Leader

Whether it is unpacking or putting systems in place, Maria does a fantastic job! She is always pleasant, has practical ideas and resources to share! Clients are always thrilled with the results and have fun getting there.


Nancy Crist, Professional Organizer and Team Leader

Nancy is great at turning chaos into clarity! From organizing a space to coordinating multiple tasks for clients, Nancy does it all with ease.


Diane Jones, Professional Organizer and Personal Assistant

She is the next best thing to Rosie the Robot! Diane is the ultimate personal assistant and makes every day easier for clients as she handles day to day tasks for them so they can work on what is more important. This is a service that helps busy executives and homemakers and all rave about Diane!


Rosemary Willis, Professional Organizer and Cleaning Expert!

As we de-clutter spaces they often become more ready to clean and Rosemary is great for this. She understands what our clients struggle with and restores order as she cleans.


Aimee Costello, Professional Organizer and Assistant

Aimee is a new team member and she comes from a nursing background. She is a true organizer at heart and is very caring in her work with clients. In her short time on our team she has literally moved mountains and there is always a smile on her face!


Amy Berman, Professional Organizer and Assistant

Amy is always ready for an organizing challenge. With a smile on her face, she loves to dig in and help clients with all types of projects – from decluttering rooms and garages – to creating systems that help families make their day-to-day lives run more smoothly.

Amy is also part of our closet design team. She utilizes her interior design background to help clients create a functional and beautiful space for storing items such as clothing and shoes, pantry products, and sports gear.


Chanel Nardone, Professional Organizer and Assistant

Chanel is a new team member who brings a positive attitude to every project. Being organized has always been a lifestyle for her and she loves offering assistance to clients to help make their lives more efficient and stress free. She really loves working with the other incredible organizers.

Barbara-Dittmer-Portrait Barb Ditmer, CPA and Financial Organizer
Bethel Park, PA

Barb Ditmer is a Certified Public Accountant with over 20 years of experience in public and private accounting. She has vast experience with QuickBooks and Quicken and can provide client training and bookkeeping services onsite and remotely. Barb is great dealing with clients that are really struggling with disorganization and getting overwhelmed. She will put simple systems in place and make sure you are comfortable and confident as you move forward.

ebaytradingasst Joan Sakai, eBay Trading Assistant
Coraopolis, PA

Using an eBay seller makes great sense! Unlike auction houses and antique shops–Joan is on your team. The more you make, the more she makes. She does a great job with research and her listing quality and ranking as an eBay seller are terrific! Download Brochure to Learn More »

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