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Hands-On Professional Organizing Services

Organizing is a Process, Not an Event

Pittsburgh Hands-On Professional Organizing: We work with you side by side

You have a plan, but the task is still daunting. Or, you have a deadline to meet.  We will work side by side with you, executing the steps of the plan to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

The Team Approach to Organizing


This team approach makes the difference between lasting results and a history of failed attempts. As we clear clutter and put systems in place, we teach you valuable organizing principles and tips.

We help you stay motivated to make changes

We provide experience and encouragement and a sharing of ideas, information and techniques. As organizers, we listen, clarify, and identify strategies while keeping you on task. We help you commit to the future and stay motivated to make lifestyle changes.

Hands-On Professional Organizing Services Include:

  • Home organization methods and systems
  • Organization and clearing of clutter in attics, basements, garages, closets or any room in the house
  • Downsizing and efficient use of small spaces
  • Closet and clothing organization and wardrobe management strategies
  • Office setup to maximize space and efficiency in business settings or at home
  • Assistance with space planning and furniture placement
  • Assistance with furniture and household purchases
  • Time management skills for home or office
  • Setting up systems for storage and display of collections
  • Working with people who have ADD or ADHD, who are chronically disorganized, or who are hoarders
  • Removal or disposal of stuff (donation management, recycle, toss or shred)
  • Organizational assistance when packing or unpacking from or for a move
  • Specialized care and organizational strategies for working with the elderly, kids, and challenging situations

When you guys showed up on the first day here, it was easy to see why I hadn’t tackled this job sooner! It was overwhelming and out of control for one person to physically do, let alone wrap their arms around it mentally! Having your crew come to facilitate the mass exodus of 20 years of unnecessary items was the ONLY way I could have cleared out my life in order to make way for a positive future!”

My praise to you, your crew and your service is never-ending. Mother from Bethel Park PA

A fun side note from Leslie: This client made room for a great new guy and is now happily married and keeping up with work, family and fun in a new home!

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