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Expired coupons

Old greeting cards

Invitations to past events


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Don't “Micro File”

When setting up any filing system, use general categories to make filing simple. For example if you are filing backup for bills you have paid, resist the temptation create files for each utility company and credit card when it may be fine to simply have a “paid bills”. 


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Make room for the Holidays!

In your Calendar:

Set aside time before and after the Holidays

Do a quick clean up before you get all your decorations out

You don’t have to put everything up at once


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Office Planning Tips

Consider the size of your space based on your current needs and your projections for growth.

Analyze the traffic flow of your office, placing individuals who meet with clients frequently in an easily accessible location.


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Top 10 Garage Sale Tips

1. Commit to getting rid of the items you no longer use or need! Price low and don’t bring anything back into the house! Call a donation pick up service for the day after.

2. Pricing is easier when you have a buddy! Price with room to negotiate. The price should be on top of an item, not on the bottom. As a general rule of thumb, price items about a quarter or third of what they would cost new.


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Can I Toss This?

Permanent Records

Audit Reports

Capital stock and bond records; ledgers, transfer registers, stubs showing issues, record of interest coupons, options, etc.

Cash books


Tips for Organizing Kids

Don't do it for them:
If you want them to grow into responsible, self-sufficient adults, don’t clean up their messes.

If you do, you’re not only putting more stress on yourself, but also depriving them of a chance to learn and grow.


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Being More Productive at Work

Make it a Habit to BE Organized

Taking five minutes to organize your desk and list a day will make a difference, fifteen minutes will transform your life.


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